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Want to be a desirable lady? Follow this to be physically active without gym!

How to be Fit and Physically active at home without a gym?

The present situation of the pandemic has forced citizens around the world to stay at home. In this situation of lockdown, where everything is seized including gyms. So, it has become a little harder to remain physically fit and active. And that is affecting the physical and mental health of people. Because good physical activities are beneficial for both mental and physical health. Studies have proven that remaining physically active, not just gives you good body shape but also improves the mood of the person. Here are few important activities that can be done at home for being Physically active and fit. 

Aerobic Activities

Aerobic activities are one of the easiest physical activities that can be done at home. Aerobic activities benefit muscles, heart, mood and self-esteem, and the amount of energy of the person. Also, these activities help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, blood sugar, body fat, fatigue, and depression. Because during aerobic activities the rate of the heart rises, and ultimately it increases the oxygen amount delivered to the heart and muscles. 

Here are the top 3 Aerobic Activities that can be done at home.

  • Dancing
  • Running the Stairs
  • Jump Rope


  1. Dancing

Video by cottonbro from Pexels

Dancing has many health benefits,(physical and mental health) also including weight loss, like other aerobic exercises. Because during the dance the number of calories is burned and the strength of muscle also increases. Which ultimately results in better physic and beautiful body shape. That’s why many people dance just to be physically active and fit.

2 Running the Stairs 

 Running the Stairs this exercise is based on strength. It is the reason for the excellent results of the stair run work-out. Doing stair run work-out for a few minutes daily for a few weeks, will increase muscle tones, strengthen muscles and burn extra calories. It is a very easy and effective way to be physically active at home, without doing much.

3. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most important and easy ways to get better physical health. Because when you use a jump rope as a routine workout, it will elevate your muscles to a higher intensity. That’s why high-intensity workouts are considered more effective because they show results in 15 to 20 days. For doing a Jump Rope workout, you will need a four-by-six-foot area and about 10 to 15 inches of space above your head. Use a wood floor or simply an impact mat specially made for exercise. Jump Rope helps in increasing stamina and gets rid of fatigue, increases body flexibility, decreases belly fat. This exercise is done for reducing belly fat. During this pandemic, it is helpful for the betterment of physical fitness.

Fun ways to get 15 to 30 minutes of physical activity at home

It’s recommended that every adult should do 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. 30 minutes of workout each day, will put you in the middle of that range. But it is hard for many people to do cardio or anaerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day. So here are some very fun ways of doing the workout.

1) Running/Walking

A pleasant walk or jog is a simple way of fun exercise because walk on the home lawn while listening to your favorite music is a great way to be active physically. You can also play running games like zombie run, it is a very fun way to get some runs.

2) Frisbee 

Especially with friends, it is a very easy and fun way to get moving at your place. Because in it everyone enjoys running and counts how many times you can throw the Frisbee back and forth without dropping it. It is more like a workout without feeling that you are exercising.

3) Water balloon battle 

Many people love to get physically active through competition. For that, things like the Water balloon battle pops up. Gather some friends, fill a large bucket of balloons pre-filled with water and play a game that a person who remains dry till the end of the game, he/she will win.

4) Yoga arm balance

 Many people think that yoga is just about gentle flows and taking deep breaths. But Arm Balances is also one feature of Yoga. Arm balancing is all about shifting your body weight on arms and shoulders with the focus and feet must not touch the ground. It sounds hard right? But you can start from something easy practice with giving support to feed.

5) Straight-arm plank

The plank exercise is all about strength and maintaining a position as same as in push-ups for the maximum time. There are many types of planks but here straight-arm plank is discussed. This plank is almost like push-ups and stabilizing the shoulders. Press the floor with your hands and you should form a straight line right from shoulders to heels. It depends on your strength for how long you can sustain. Start your hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Start from seconds then slowly and gradually proceed to minutes. All this helps you out in achieving a physically active lifestyle, and you can do all this at your home.

6) Pushup

Want to be physically fit and active at home. Starting from pushups is the perfect exercise, to begin with because pushups are the perfect workout to build both upper-body and body’s core strength. Most pushups are used to get the perfect body shape because it is the compound exercise of chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and also legs. In daily life, you often push against many objects, like doors and shopping carts. That’s why the fitness you develop through pushup will serve in actual life as well. Anybody can do pushups at home, it is a very effective exercise to switch yourself physically active even being at home.


So, this was all about how to be fit and physically active at home without going to the gym and I hope you must have gained some useful insights from it.

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