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The Top 3 C’s Of A Healthy Relationship!

Let’s Brainstorm!

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Have you ever think of how couples have been living together for a long time? I know you’re wondering if it’s their fortune or likelihood that fuses them together in love over a long-lasting period. It’s not like that, unfortunately! You’re getting it wrong and maybe you’re not on the right track!

Also, there are certain relationships that didn’t go last even though both partners put their best efforts to save it. Do you know why is it so? Actually, it happens when one person gets failed to portrait his /her role.

All relationships demand high persistence, well-protected commitment (s), and powerful communication. Your relationship won’t work if these major factors are missing. Therefore, both partners should know how to play an ideal role to build a healthy and romantic relationship.

According to a statistic provided by 2date4love,  approx 64% of Americans get separated after a long-term relationship each year.

What’s even more surprising is that these breakups involve women who first go-ahead for separation. This shows that women are the ones who kick off their good going relationships in the early stages.

But Why Only Women?

Women are delicate and hasty by nature. They become happy with a little effort and get hurt easily. A lady only needs attention and wants her man to be always with her and take care of her. She can’t tolerate any kind of ups and downs in the relationship, nor tries to solve them properly.

 It’s a woman’s common trait that she keeps things to herself in case of any mishappening. All of these things come together to form misunderstandings and lead to a big fight. 

So, if you’re comparing your relationship with the above scenario and found it as your story, then don’t worry. I know you’re blaming yourself right now as you’ve got the reasons why your relationship didn’t work. 

How Will You Benefit From this Blog Post? – Top 3 Secrets Of A Healthy Relationship!

Since you understand the causes that were ruining your relationship, it is now better for you to know the techniques that can help you out to get control over your relationship. I did a lot of research and found three deep secrets that can strengthen your relationship. In this post, I’ll explain these three secrets in detail.  You’ll soon gonna learn how to keep your relationship alive and healthy. Keep reading this blog and start learning.

So with no further due, let us dive into the article and find out the top three secrets that will actually unlock a healthy and lovely relationship!

 3 C’s Of A Healthy Relationship!

If we talk about a healthy relationship; communication, compromise, and connection are mainly three factors that play a vital role to keep relationships alive and strong. Many relationship experts suggest couples to focus on these three C’s as they are the foundation of every strong relationship.

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Communication helps to clear each and everything while the connection between couples keeps them together in a romantic way. On the other hand, compromise teaches them to respect and provides space for each other.

You’ve noticed how these three Cs give support to the foundation of a healthy relationship. So,  we’re now going to dig communication. connection and compromise and discuss them one by one.

Communication In A Healthy Relationship

“I’m sorry, I could have better managed my time. I understand. I know I stress you out when .., next time I’ll try my best to overcome this issue. You know what would really help me is your happiness”

Are your ears eager to hear it? Just imagine for a second when your partner saying these words full of love and care after a fight or an argument, sounds so relaxing and romantic, right?

You could have also the chance to listen to these soothing words that will make you stress-free. But HOW?

Here is the one-word answer, ”communication”.

Usually, when we’ve got a brief argument, we get defensive and push away the situation to avoid dealing or proceed to directly or indirectly blame our partner.  The major problem in this situation is that it blocks communication. Rather than understanding each other’s perspectives, we spend our time defending ourselves. So ultimately, nothing gets resolved, and the dispute continues to explode.

Ineffective communication gives birth to ignorance and excuses. It also frequently adds fuel to the fire, keeping you both in a constant loop of hesitation and doubt.

According to a survey by YouTangoli, Communication is the no 1 factor to why most relationships end.

Communication is key, it unlocks different barriers in relationships and helps partners to understand each other.

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So, a relationship with a lack of communication won’t work. There has to be a vulnerability. Your partner isn’t a mind reader. If you let your ego keep you from expressing how you feel, nothing will ever get fixed.

How To Break The Silence In Your Relationship?

Men do need attention. So don’t wait for your partner to come and praise you. Step first and show him you actually care about him.

Leave a simple but romantic message like this;

“I miss you. We don’t really talk anymore, and I’m not sure why. I haven’t asked you because I’m afraid if you’ll say all is my fault. But I miss you. I miss us”

Ask him to give you some time

“Can we check-in? I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I feel like we haven’t really spoken in an amount of time. Do you have time to talk tonight?”

You should also keep the following things in your mind to build better communication :

  1. Find the right time to talk. Don’t talk to him when he is fainted or exhausted.
  2. Check your body language. Make eye contact and give him full attention. Show him that you’re respecting him and respond calmly.
  3. Think Before Speak! Don’t rush over him nor try to deliver what’s in your mind. Think about the situation, figure out the solutions, and explain your feelings.

Compromise In A Healthy Relationship

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Mutual concession plays a vital role in a healthy relationship. Both partners have the will to provide comfort and happiness to each other. For that, they always settle for fewer things. Similarly, if you want your bond strong and flexible with your partner, you’ve to compromise over different things that he likes but you don’t.

Don’t try to win every time because when you try to uplift yourself, you probably hurt your partner. Your mind doesn’t settle to listen to the other side of the argument.

Don’t hold grudges or point out the unpleasant sides of your relationship. Try to let things go.

Make efforts to meet your partner’s mindset. Don’t think like you’re giving up. Feel that you’re playing your role perfectly and it’s the only right way to have a good relationship.

Compromise builds trust, brings happiness, and introduces love. Above all, it also highlights the positive sides of your relationships.

Connection In A Healthy Relationship

You talk to your partner and spend most of your time with him regularly. Have you ever wondered what would happen if he goes abroad for some time? Will you miss him? His existence and his non-stop talking.? Actually, it is the connection that makes you feel so.

Connection, either emotional or physical, is somehow very important. It fills colors in your relationship and enables you to express love.

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Through connection, you can easily build a soul relation with your partner. In short, it is the most romantic thing in a relationship as it binds two love birds together.

How You Can Build Connection In Your Relationship?



Securely attached people have a strong capacity to self soothe and co-regulate with others and have a strong yet flexible sense of their own boundaries. So if you want to set up a beautiful connection, you need to create win-win situations. 

Respect your partner’s emotions and always available yourself when he is expressing his feelings.

Always listen to him, especially when he shares his sadness, shame, and loneliness with you.

Support him in his decisions and planning. If you want some changes, ask him to alter things politely.

Last but not least, have romantic dates and a fun time together. It is essential as it brings thousand of joy among partners.

Signing Off!

In an ideal relationship, a lady plays the most important part. From taking care of his man to being responsible for households, she proves to be the nucleus of a relationship. That’s why, if you’re willing to improve your relationship, you need to improve yourself first.

Communication, connection, and compromise are the three keys that are totally in your hand. It’s up to you how you use these keys for the better development of your loving relationship.  In this blog post, I tried my best to teach you 3 secrets of healthy relationships. I hope you’ve got these three “C’s” now.

Find this article helpful for you? Tell me in the comment section below and also don’t forget to share it with your loved ones who are surviving to build their relationship healthy and romantic!

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