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Do Girls Like Rich Men? 7 Myhths Regarding What a Lady Wants From a Man!

What are the things women want in a man? What women need in a relationship? What are some myths about what girls want in a guy?

Are you interested to know?

We asked 20 men, “what a woman wants in a guy?”.

Surprisingly, we got some horrific replies!

Most of them believed in myths about the likes and dislikes of women regarding men.

Here are some usual myths about what women want from men

Ladies Like

  1. cool boys who smoke and go for risky adventures
  2. Rich guys, only.
  3. When a guy ignores them
  4. Handsome guys, only.
  5. Chubby muscular guys
  6. Hard guys who do not show emotions; mostly, do not cry in hard times
  7. A large size male genitalia

Girls, do you want these things? 

Of Course, NOT!

Most of the above are nothing but only myths.

Let’s delve into each myth one by one.

1) The Misconception of Coolness-Smoking and Risky Adventures

Girl, do you want your man to destroy his health by smoking or ruin himself in venturing a risky adventure?

You got my point.

2) Girls Like Rich Guys

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

It is another misconception of women’s choices.

You want a passionate guy. Who has plans for a successful future and wants to achieve his goals. 

A guy doesn’t need to be wealthy to win a lady’s heart!

3) Ignoring a Girl Is Incredible

 You know it is a hilarious mistake a boy can make.

 Imagine you’re suffering from a severe emotional breakdown. You look for support and a warm hug. Besides, your man plays a freaking cool role and ignores you as nothing happened. 

How do you feel? If I were in your position, I will curse him.

I’ll consider his carelessness as a red flag.

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4) Women Like Only Handsome Boys

I wonder where they got such a misleading impression of women. Do women like only handsome boys? 

Your man does not necessarily be very handsome unless he feels satisfied with his looks and confident in his natural body. 

Remember, avoid these insecure chicks. They are always worried about their looks.

5) Women Like Heavy Muscular Guys

Yes, you like those solid muscles and prominent veins.

However, you dislike super-heavy muscular gamers who could break your bones. They are just too much. You instead feel scared around them. 

An average body with tiny muscles is quite okay and looks handsome.

6) Women like Emotionless Guys

Another misunderstanding!

A woman loves when her man expresses his feelings for her. She desires to listen when he shares any feelings with her.

How could be a lady so hard-hearted who likes an emotionless guy? This myth is literally trash!

7) Large Penis

Several surveys conducted by married and experienced women show that most women prefer stamina and timing in a sexual experience instead of the male genital organ. They get complete pleasure even with a standard size penis. Hence, the myth regarding the penis is absolutely a false assumption.

The type of man every woman wants

You find certain qualities of a man more attractive than other attributes. It is important to note that every woman has a unique personality, family background, hobbies, and life goals. That’s why your choices may differ from other women in your community.

Here is the list of qualities; a woman wants the most in a man.


1) Man Who Invests Health and Wealth

Photo by on Unsplash

It is the very first quality you look for in a man. You want to ensure that the man can invest money, time, and other resources in you and your children.

A stable man has a sound income source, he pays utility bills on time. He should have the ability to fulfill your basic needs. 

You see, you don’t want to marry a guy who remains indebted and suffers a regular financial loss.

Indeed, you dream of a happy and fulfilling life. You want to enjoy traveling, having trips and visits. 

That is the reason a woman likes a stableman who has a steady income source or likely to have a stable income source soon.

2) Man Who Invests Time and Pays Attention!

Men often think girls want money, expensive shopping, and regular trips.

They miss the importance of time and attention to keep a woman happy and improve the health and durability of relationships.

You want that quality time he has reserved for you. It would help if you had that undivided attention. It would be best to listen to your stories and songs if you had him sit by your side.

Most of the time, it is all about quality, time, and attention you need from a man. That is enough to cool down a hot discussion.

3) Physical and Emotional Support

Luckily, we found out this is the only quality every man is aware of!

It is an evolutionary trait transferred to every woman. 

They like physically vigorous men. In the hunting and gathering society, the woman would pick physically brawny warriors and fighters as their mates. It proves to be a guaranty of her security.

A man who could stand by you, protect you against society and shoulder your weight is what you want.

Indeed, this is not all about you but your children too. A weak man will have frail children. A strong mate will support your children to stand confidently in the unkind world.

4) Emotionally powerful man

A lot of men have suffered from childhood trauma, abuse, and other problems. 

Suffering from a bad experience is not what we can control. Still, a man can hold how he is dealing with his traumas and terrible experiences in life.

Ensure your man has been to a psychologist if he has suffered from an unpleasant experience in the past.

You deserve a cool-minded, soft, and tolerant man. Who knows that life will go through challenging situations in front of him, but he would deal with it. Who has a cheerful demeanor toward life?

Ladies, life is not all about romantic afternoons and candle nights. Some days will break you. That is the reason you need an emotionally healthy man to support you, to share your worries. To tell you everything will be okay.

Yes, your man should be as strong as a rock.

From the parenting perspective, an emotionally intense mate will ensure emotionally healthy children.

4) Compatibility- Same Values and Goals

Woman wants compatibility more than anything. However, women have a slight attraction for men who are different from themselves. 

An emotionally powerful man impresses an emotionally vulnerable woman. Similarly, a woman loves a robust body because her body is delicate.

This does not mean having a partner who is entirely different from you in various aspects of life. A slight difference that does not create a disturbance in your life is good.

You want a man who can understand and relate to your life experiences—a man who understands your goals’ impotence and helps you achieve your goals.

You love a person who is from the same social and economic class as yours.

That’s indeed the key to a successful long-term relationship.

5  A Man Who gives Respect To Females

Suppose a man is respectful to everyone. He has good manners. It means that he will respectfully treat you and your children.

You like a man who respects you—one who respects your parents and your family’s background and history. 

Ladies, that is cool.

A respectful man will always pay respect to his servants and waiters. Note that to check for the good manners of a man.

Your children are your priority in a relationship.

Having a well-mannered father is what your children deserve.

6. Fine Fashion Senses and Moral Lifestyle

It is beautiful for women if a man has a better taste for fashion. He keeps his style sleek and updated.

It does not mean to have every modern fashion and style. Indeed, that is a problem if a man invests his time and money to follow the latest trends.

You want him to wear decently and look correctly.

7. Passionate For His Profession

Women love those men who are passionate about their hobbies, profession, and life. It shows that they have many other exciting things in their life.  

Boring, lazy, and inactive men repel women. 

You wish to enjoy being with a passionate guy. Who has so much positive energy to follow his passions?

Signing Off!

Patience, care, empathy, and honesty are the few elements that are enough for a woman. She prefers a man of divine values over a man of bold perfections.

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