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New Year’s Fitness Goal: How To Set New Year Fitness Resolution?

What Is New Year’s Fitness Goal?


As the name suggests, a New Year’s fitness goal is an action plan when decided at the very start of the new year or at the end of the existing year. Usually, ladies work out in the year’s midst and get demotivated till the end of the year. For which, it’s the best option to set fitness goals among your other goals for the new year.


Does New Year’s Fitness Goal Really Work?

Called as fitness freak or fit lady is what I dreamed of last year. I always wonder how women of my age have a flat tummy and no double chin, like how?. But after noticing and scrolling each lady I realized that  ”how”. The secret of having an ideal and sassy body is in fact not a secret, it’s a master plan of action.
You’re wondering what am I talking about. So, I thought not to keep my women’s feed audience in dark. Actually, I’m talking about the fitness goals, much better to say the new year fitness goal.
To fulfill my wish or you may say desire, I asked my colleagues about their heavenly figure and attractive posture. I don’t know why, but literally, all passed a burst of laughter to make me feel guilty about something. Later on, I found it’s my dumbness on fitness goals.
With the passage of time, I learned that it’s a proper fitness goal or a plan that keeps a woman fit and sturdy.
I found out this very late, but I got myself stuck to it and tried, tried, and tried. Finally, I got the fruits of my labor, i.e.: “fitness”

How New Year’s Fitness Goal Works?

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A new year’s fitness goal demands persistence, patience, hope, and hardworking. If you’re that woman who is continuously applying keto and diet plans and overburden yourself, set fitness goals for this upcoming year.
Also, if you’re expecting magical happenings right after you start your new year’s fitness resolution, I would recommend you to motivate yourself first of all, as fitness resolution requires a span of time for better results.
For this, I’m sharing a few common fitness resolutions quotes that I used to write on sticky notes and paste them wherever I stay, mostly.  These effective fitness resolution quotes helped me a lot through my fitness journey. They made me love myself and hooked me up in my decision. So, I’m hoping the same for you!

Fitness Resolution Quotes

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  1. Water before coffee, Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen
  2. Dear abs, I’ll find you and I’ll reveal to you.
  3. Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.
  4. The body only profits a little from exercising, but the spirit profits a lot.
  5. I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it is going to be worth it


Source: Pinterest and New year wiki

How To Set Fitness Goal For The New Year?

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Since now, you’ve got every confusion cleared and settle your mindset, it’s time to move one step further.

When you find yourself prepared to achieve your new year’s fitness goal, give a thumbs up, and start applying strategies to make your plan work out.

Here are just 3 useful tips to achieve your new year’s fitness goals. These practical tips are super easy and helpful in making your smart dream come true.


Take notes, then start practicing..!

Setting Fitness Goals For The New Year

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Making plans for the new year’s fitness goals or setting the new year’s fitness resolution isn’t a complicated thing. All you need is to take it easy and create a simple plan. Don’t burden yourself nor show any rapacity.

Well, moving back to the topic How To Set New Year Fitness Resolution?

So, here are the techniques to set a new year’s fitness resolution.

1 Create A Plan

As a first step, creating a plan is the basics. It works as a foundation. Without a plan, you can’t keep yourself on track and your aim will be dissolved steadily..

To make a plan, there are 3 subunits as fellows.

  1. Time management
  2. Plan things that you can do easily.
  3. Set specific domain

Set Specific Domain

Suppose someone tells you she has started a business that contains clothing, freelancing, cosmetics, and food. She has also hired a team for these “purposes” and she’ll soon start expanding her business into new cities.

Doesn’t it sound so weird? Is it possible? I think jack of all trades fit exactly right here.

All I’m trying to say that you don’t have to become all in one person. Your goal should be the only one that is specific and targeted. In this way, you can achieve your target simply and you won’t get under the burden.

Plan Things That You Can Do Easily

A nursery student learns a, b, and cs instead of algebra mathematics. If the teacher assigns him to write an essay on osteoporosis, what will he do? Obviously, he’ll even not understand what is the teacher talking about.

Baby steps are far better, or the best option to start a new thing. You’ll learn and you’ll get instant results.

As I mentioned above, overburdening is the worst thing. Don’t exhaust yourself in the greed of attaining everything. So, plan that things you can do easily with no oppression.

Time Management

A fitness goal for the new year means that you should achieve your goal within 365 days. You’ve to set a specific domain that can be completed within your deadline.

Time management is a necessary thing. You’ll easily notice the results if you stuck with your decided time.

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Divide your entire goal into different, smaller time intervals. When you complete your first interval, go to the next. When you’ve completed your second interval, go for the third subgoal. Similarly, go ahead with this similar technique.

2 Track Your Progress

Keeping an eye on your development is a good thing. Finding if you’re losing your belly fat and removing your double chin is something exciting.  See whether or not your body shape is improving. Check out if you notice your abs popping out. Take compliments when someone notices your fitness and appreciates you.

3 Reward yourself

Rewarding oneself brings confidence and self-trust. It also shows the potential of one’s self. On top of that, it keeps you motivated.

Let’s say, you’ve achieved your file milestone, i.e.: lose 5 kg in 31 days. Now you deserve an appreciative award. You can enjoy the whole day on Netflix or hang out with friends. In this way, reward yourself while getting continuous achievements and lastly when you achieve your new year’s fitness resolution.

Signing Off!

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Self-love isn’t a bad thing. If you love yourself, it means you enjoy yourself. Similarly,  wanting a perfect and fit body figure is also a good thing. Every year, thousands of people set their fitness resolution for the new year but, unfortunately, only a few of them get success in getting their new year’s fitness goal. If you want to be from those few fit people, you need to follow the above 3 tips.