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How Osteoporosis Develops? Why Does It Occur In Women?

Do you know, each year the 20th of October is noted as World Osteoporosis Day by the National Osteoporosis Foundation? But why is it so?


National Osteoporosis Foundation

You might wonder if osteoporosis isn’t a common disease and why different health organizations and women’s empowerment NGOs highlight it. Each health determined person has an accurate report about this. You’re going to have that report, luckily below, in detail.

As stated by the National Osteoporosis Foundation, approximately 200 million females have osteoporosis worldwide. It isn’t a simple statement. This report overburdens women of all ages, especially the ladies who are above 50 years. It’s a mystery for many naive ladies.

Women aren’t aware of osteoporosis, including YOU! Thereupon, I’ve crafted a minute but a brief article in which I deal with osteoporosis entirely and point by point.

Table Of Contents

  • Loss of bone mass and bone density
  • Menopause
  • Role of estrogen in osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis in young women.

So why osteoporosis occurs in females, and how?

Osteoporosis In Women-Why It Develops More In Women Than Men?

You have a weak and lighter body than your husband. It’s a natural phenomenon. Nature design us more delicate and fragile than men. So, it is common sense that women face various health issues and diseases just because of their complex body.

Anyway, there are some other but significant factors that cause osteoporosis. I’ve listed below two factors that cause osteoporosis in women!

1. Loss Of Bone Densities

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Osteoporosis results in thickness and weakness of bones and tissues, more commonly in women. It is because of their genetic characteristics and fewer bone densities than men.
In women, bone tissues or bone mass grow till the age of 18. However, in men, bone tissues keep growing until they reach the age of 20. Since bone tissue’s growth rate is much earlier in women, they suffer a loss of bone density prematurely than men.


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In America, 80% of working women are facing osteoporosis and bone fractures among 10 million citizens. (source: Aurora Health Care)

2. Menopause

Menopause occurs when the ovary stops to make ovules (egg cells or ovarian follicles) in a woman’s body. She faces non-fluent, short periods, and sometimes obesity. If her last menstrual period came a year ago, it means she has reached menopause.

Women of ages above 40 are more likely to experience menopause because their ovaries become older and weaker, and they slow the rate of estrogen production.

Menopause affects bones badly. Here is the real chemistry of this.

Why Menopause Causes Bone Loss? How does osteoporosis develop In Women?


According to research, a woman loses 30% of her bone mass immediately after menopause. If a woman faces early menopause, she will suffer from early bone weakness, pain, and above all osteoporosis.

But what is the link between a menstrual cycle, menopause, and osteoporosis? The answer is ‘Estrogen’

After menopause, the menstrual cycle stops, which ultimately bans the mass production of estrogen.

The Role Of Estrogen In Maintaining Healthy Bones

Though it may seem strange to you, ovaries produce a vital hormone, “estrogen”, that regulates bone health and keeps them healthy. It plays a crucial role in the female’s reproductive cycle and in maintaining bone densities as well.

When you grow older, your ovaries become weaker day by day, and they don’t function correctly as they did before in your early stage. That’s why they produce less estrogen with growing age.

The lack of estrogen hormones results in pores formation in the bones. As the level of estrogen drops, the bones begin to lose their densities and become porous.

Break down bones, fractures, loss of bone mass and densities, severe back, and chronic pain are the expected results that are noticed after menopause.

Why does Osteoporosis develop In Young Ladies?

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Menopause is the leading factor that causes osteoporosis in older women. However, it’s a typical survey that even young girls who are less than 40 are also suffering from osteoporosis.

It might happen if young girls or ladies.

  • Experience periods at an early age. i.e. before 12 years.
  • Always have irregular periods.
  • Removed their ovaries.
  • Have menopause at a very early age.
  • Take birth control pills.

The risk of osteoporosis increases simultaneously when the level of estrogen production drops.

Despite menopause, certain factors fluctuate the estrogen release level, such as dieting, intake of unhealthy foods, and weight loss. That’s the reason why doctors suggest young girls take nutritious food and enough calcium supplements.

I hope you have got to know the role of estrogen in your body. Also, you’ve adequately understood the reason why osteoporosis is more likely to develop in women than men. You should know both of these concepts.

I would like you to consider osteoporosis a severe problem and take care of your bones before it’s too late.

Let’s Recap!

  1. Osteo means bones, and porosis means pores. Mutually, it means porous bones.
  2. Osteoporosis is caused by the loss of bone densities and bone mass.
  3. It affects badly and makes bones weaker day by day; even a small sneeze and bump can break the bones.
  4. Osteoporosis occurs more in women ages 40 to 60 years than men.
  5. Estrogen is a hormone that boosts healthy bones and makes them strong. It is directly linked with the ovaries.
  6. Menopause is a condition in which a woman missed her periods consecutively for 12 months.
  7. Menopause is a crucial factor that causes osteoporosis in women.
  8. Young ladies may also experience osteoporosis if they have removed their ovaries, take an improper diet, and birth control pills.
  9. The earlier a woman faces menopause, the earlier she will get osteoporosis.