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Do You Have A Healthy Uterus?

How To Find Out If you’ve healthy Uterus!

The uterus is an extraordinary organ in the body of a female. It is capable of nurturing a new human life and helping it for going into the outside world. Many women do not show serious concern about their uterus health, except at the time of pregnancy and menstruation. Bad uterus health can create many issues, leading to fertility problems, pain, bleeding, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to have awareness regarding your uterus health. There are multiple ways to know about uterus health, such as a particular diet plan that contains essential substances for a healthy uterus.

Top 5 Foods For a Healthy Uterus

If your diet plan surrounds these five foods, then you may have a healthy uterus.

  1.  Fruits
  2. Egg Yolks
  3. Fatty Fish
  4. Dairy Products
  5. Nuts

1 Fruit

Oranges and other vitamin C-rich fruits are beneficial in stopping the fibroids, as we know fibroids are bad for the uterus. Fruits are also useful for normalizing your estrogen level because, during periods, the estrogen level sometimes can go out of control. So load up on fruits for keeping your uterus healthy at home.

2 Egg Yolks

Sometimes Egg Yolks are considered as “nature’s multivitamin” because it is loaded with nutrients. Such as Chorine, choline decreases the risk of neural tube defects. It protects and keeps the uterus very healthy.

 3 Fatty Fish

Coldwater fishes, such as salmon and mackerel, are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. They help reduce the production of prostaglandin in the body, as it is known that prostaglandin causes severe uterus contractions. Fatty Fishes provide essential and healthy fats that keep the uterus healthy.

 4 Dairy Products

Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk have a positive impact on uterine health. They are rich in vitamin D and Calcium; these two substances keep away uterine fibroids. Start the consumption of dairy products daily for a healthy uterus.

5 Nuts

Like fatty fishes, Nuts are another essential food containing omega-3 fatty acids, which is useful in preventing ovarian cancer by eliminating fibroids. For hormonal production, our body needs seeds, and seeds help prevent premature baby birth.

Signs Of Damaged Uterus

Here are symptoms of diseases, which damage the womb/uterus.

  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Pelvic pain or discomfort
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Difficulty becoming pregnant
  • Trouble urinating

Conditions Of The Uterus and Uterine Conditions

The conditions of the uterus are not a good sign of uterus health. The external action of certain hormones can produce internally such situations or. Almost most of these conditions are manageable with proper medication; sometimes, the patient can undergo surgery like hysterectomy, uterus removal through surgery. Here are some common conditions which affect uterus health.

Uterine Fibroids

These are noncancerous growth of the uterus mostly appears during childbirth years; these are also called myomas. Uterine fibroids do not cause uterine cancer risk, and a study tells it never develops into cancer. It varies in size, from microscopic undetectable by the human eye to seed size, and sometimes it can turn into a huge mass that can enlarge the uterus. Some people have multiple uterine fibroids.

Many women have uterine fibroids throughout their lives. But many women do not even notice that they have uterine fibroids, because it does not show any symptoms. A doctor can discover it by examining the pelvic or prenatal ultrasound.

 The classification of fibroids is done according to their location. Because some grow inside the muscular walls of the uterus, and those are called Intramural fibroids. Some fibroid grows outside of the uterus, and those are called Subserosal fibroids.

 Some women may have symptoms, and these are the most common signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids:

  1. Duration of periods increases more than a week
  2. Extreme menstrual bleeding
  3. Pelvic pain or pressure
  4. Frequent urination

Uterine Scars (Ascherman’s Syndrome)

It is the condition of having scar tissue in the uterus and sometimes in the cervix. This additional tissue or scar tissue makes the uterine wall thick and also reduces the size of the uterus, in the end, which results in miscarriage. This condition is also called Intrauterine Adhesions (IUA).

Uterine Scars is a rare condition because it is not always diagnosed. If any woman is suffering from the following symptoms, then she must visit a gynecologist.

Symptoms of Ascherman’s Syndrome

  1. Light periods
  2. No periods
  3. Being unable to get or stay pregnant
  4. Extreme pain

Uterine Prolapse

This condition occurs when pelvic floor muscles and ligaments stretch and become weak, and they fail to provide enough support for the uterus. The uterus comes out from the vagina because of the weakening of pelvic floor muscles. 

Women of any age can face uterine prolapsed, but mostly it has been seen that women who are at the postmenopausal stage because these women had one or more vaginal deliveries.

Usually, mild uterine prolapse does not require proper treatment at all as it has three stages, normal uterine prolapse, mild uterine prolapse, and acute or intense uterine prolapse. Most of the women suffer from mild uterine prolapse. But if you are uncomfortable or disrupted in your everyday life, then visit a Doctor.

Here are the most common symptoms of uterine prolapse.

  1. Leaking of urine
  2. Urinary urgency
  3. Pain during and after sexual intercourse. (in severe case)
  4. Pulling and heaviness in the pelvis
  5. Uterus protruding out of the vagina
  6. A weird feeling of something is falling out of the vagina


Treat or prevent constipation: eat high-fiber foods as much as you can, such as beans, fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

Heavy lifting avoidance and also try always to lift correctly.

Avoid weight gaining: get some treatment from a doctor who can help you with weight-loss if you need it.

So, this was all about knowing if your uterus is healthy, and I hope you must have gained some useful insights from it.

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 How can I make my uterus healthy?

Start eating a balanced diet and eat vegetables because it cuts the risk of developing uterine fibroids by 50%. Don’t eat red meat because it increases the risk of developing uterine fibroids. You must have healthy foods and snacks available at your home for sure. Go grab them!

 How do you know if you have a weak uterus?

A weak uterus causes different complications in your body. Urinary tract issues, sensation in the pelvis, and looseness of tissues of the vagina are some of them.

 How can a woman tell if she is infertile?

If a woman is experiencing obesity, hormonal changes, irregular menstrual cycle, prolonged and painful menstrual periods, pain while having sex, and getting pregnant. Not getting pregnant is the main symptom of infertility, and sometimes the menstrual cycle becomes too long, 35 days even more. A woman can tell about her infertility if she is experiencing all these symptoms.