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Can Osteoporosis Be Cured? When to start its treatment?

 Osteoporosis-The Silent Killer Of Bones

What?, I’ve osteoporosis,  is there any treatment? How can I be cured of Osteoporosis?

You can hear these three tensed sentences more commonly at every public hospital or at an Orthopedic clinic.

Osteoporosis, a bone illness that causes bones to become weaker or even fractured. It is a very common disease in women than men of old ages, likely to be above 40 years. The following bone problem is usually caused by the deficiency of vitamin D and lack ness of a proper healthy diet.

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Well, the first priority of every person of osteoporosis patient is its treatment. She distresses herself by wondering if she will get its cure or not. To be honest, she is right.

So (unfortunately) if you’re the woman who is surviving from bone mass loss, I’ve got your back. I know you’re searching for a treatment that eradicates this disease from your body and brings you strong and healthy bones.

First, I’m hoping that you’ve already consulted with your physician and definitely he informed you that there isn’t a particular cure for osteoporosis. You’ve to take proper medication and therapy to prevent further bone density loss. Above all, he also recommends you to intake a healthy balanced diet and have prescription drugs.

So obviously you want to know more about its treatment. I welcome you here in women’sfeed as you’re at the right place. Let’s move forward.

If you’re a lady who is lucky enough not to have osteoporosis but wants to get some knowledge of it, that’s great! I write everything here for you.

Table Of Contents

  • Is osteoporosis curable?
  • When should you seek treatment for it?
  • What is the possible treatment for osteoporosis?

Is Osteoporosis Curable?

As mentioned above, osteoporosis isn’t curable. You can’t remove bone density loss permanently. However, doctors have several ways that can lower the risk of bone mass loss and prevent you from further fractures.

Different treatments are available to slow down the rate of bone loss and improve your bone’s health and density too.

So you see, there is no complete flight back from osteoporosis, although you can take care of your bone health.

When Should I Start Treatment?

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I think it isn’t a worthy question. Have you heard that “health is wealth”?

If you’re having severe pain in joints and noticing any disturbance in your health, then go for a doctor’s appointment first.

Any delay can even lead to a bone fracture. So it is better not to hold up your pain!


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